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Grants in Lieu of Property Taxes Response: Gerry Rogers

Here is our second response, from Newfoundland and Labrador NDP Party Leadership Candidate Gerry Rogers to my two questions about grants in lieu of property taxes:

1. In principle, should the Province pay grants in lieu of taxes to municipalities?
If so, how can the Province move to implement grants?

2. If the current financial situation is too difficult to introduce grants immediately, how would you implement grants over time? For example, would you pass legislation to phase in grants over ten years?

“Certainly this issue is an outstanding one. I fully understand the City of St. John’s concern that the provincial tax policy regarding municipal services to Government of NL buildings and services do not adequately cover the use of municipal services. Absolutely I would support looking at that policy and renegotiating an approach that is more fair and equitable to all municipalities in NL.”

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