I’ve been told not to be very specific about policy. Summarize my values in three bullet points and stop there. And I’ve done my best:

A growing economy encourages new and long-time residents alike to choose to live and work in St. John’s. Long-term sustainable development and support for diverse businesses will provide better opportunities for more people. An effective waste management strategy that recycles as much as we can will help build a strong future in a clean and beautiful city.

We can better harness our unique heritage and culture to foster tourism, build a thriving creative economy, and strengthen our community pride. From historic buildings to a strong tradition in the arts, we have many key competitive advantages here. St. John’s deserves to be one of Canada’s cultural and creative capitals, but to get there, we need leadership.

Let’s create real neighbourhoods, focused on real people, where all residents have easy access to healthy living options such as parks, green spaces, walking trails and cycling routes. Regardless of age, ability, and income level, every person should have safe sidewalks and roads, and acceptable and affordable housing. An inclusive city benefits everybody.

But whenever I talk to voters, they ask specific questions, and I feel I owe you a more detailed outline of what I care about!

I don’t think about these ideas as “campaign promises”. A promise is something you’ll do no matter what. This is more like a first draft, an outline of my thoughts and priorities. Because every day I listen to people, and learn, and change my mind.

So if you notice a mistake, or you think I’ve missed something, or have some questions—please get in touch! I want to learn from you.

Made by Mitchell