Health and Wellness  


I believe everyone in St. John’s should have reasonable access to active spaces and athletic opportunities.

Exercise and active space are vital to physical and mental health. Access to trails and active spaces helps people exercise. And so the physical layout of our city helps determine our health. [See also: Real neighbourhoods.]

Active spaces also allow adults and children to participate in individual and team sports and in exercise classes, building communities and healthy lifetime habits. The City also promotes healthy habits through its popular daycamps and activity camps for children and through its exercise classes for adults. This year those camps sold out too quickly.

At the moment, the City’s exercise classes and facilities are not accessible to people with mobility issues. It can also be difficult to tell which classes and facilities are accessible to whom. That needs to change! [See: Accessibility.]

Last, a few difficult intersections and missing crosswalks interrupt many of the City’s trails and active spaces

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