Climate resiliency

We are already feeling the impacts of climate change all across the country and around the world. Our coastal city must be ready for extreme weather, sea level rise and address how we’re contributing to the climate crisis. After handling an 8-day State of Emergency due to a major snow storm in 2020, I believe that we need to be better prepared for more severe weather events. In my first term, we declared a Climate Emergency, a petition brought forward by Councillor Froude and myself. We created concrete initiatives to prepare for climate adaptation, to reduce the emissions of City operations, and to support further reductions in the community. We budgeted for a new Sustainability Coordinator position and hired someone who is working full time on the city’s approach to climate mitigation and adaptation. The Corporate Climate Plan was recently adopted and the Community Climate Plan is in the works. If you look around the City, you can see new water and sewer upgrades in places such as Kenmount Road and Water Street. You can also see a cool new project to trap litter as it comes out of the catch basins throughout the city core if you know where to look!

In my first term, I fought against development in wetlands in the east end and the west end of the city. We are in the process of completing the first ever city-wide Wetland Study which will identify areas that are in need of protection from development. I joined the board of the Northeast Avalon Atlantic Coastal Action Program in order to figure out how I could better remediate and

We’re making it easier for drivers of Electric Vehicles to charge in public, and reducing barriers to active transportation.

  • I will continue to support actions to prepare for the impacts of climate change and reduce emissions from City operations and in the community.
  • I will advocate for electrification of transit and paratransit fleet and intend to maintain membership on the St. John’s Transportation Commission.
  • I will support better emergency preparedness efforts.
  • I will support capital infrastructure priorities that better accommodate our changing climate.
  • I will focus on reducing emissions in the building sector by working on any necessary changes to development regulations and associated bylaws and policies.
  • I will support the completion of the Wetland Study and the implementation of recommendations that come from that process.
  • I will continue to oppose development in the Synod West Wetlands.


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