Efficient Core Services

Every time Council works on the budget, I’m frustrated by the gaps in our City’s services despite comparatively high taxes.Efficiency is the only way for our city to offer adequate services while minimizing the financial burden of taxation. In my first term, we committed to continuous improvement and spending discipline, allowing the City—for the first time in decades—to increase the level of core services while reducing the average tax bill. We’ve simultaneously streamlined and expanded waste management services, to keep our city liveable, beautiful and clean. We started collection of yard waste, brought in automated garbage collection and expanded fencing and clearing of the area around Robin Hood Bay. These improvements mean less litter in your neighbourhood and mine. We also improved traffic calming, improved sidewalk snow clearing, and invested in infrastructure to support multimodal transportation.

  • I will continue to focus on improving the core services you rely on without increasing your tax burden.
  • I will continue to promote more efficient waste management solutions.
  • I will continue to prioritize traffic calming, snow clearing, and multimodal transportation to ensure we can all get around the city safely and efficiently.


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