Progressive Development Approval Process

It’s hard to notice day by day, but the development approval process touches every facet of urban life. It shapes housing affordability and the cost of opening a new business; built heritage and neighbourhood character; environmental protection and climate change. In my first term, I led the first comprehensive overhaul of the City’s Development Regulations and Municipal Plan in decades. The new rules promote compact growth by identifying areas suitable for redevelopment, encouraging infill development through reduced fees and expedited process, while preserving valuable aspects of the City’s built heritage and natural environment.

  • I will continue to support a development approval process that is efficient, discourages sprawl, and protects heritage and the natural environment.
  • I will continue to promote and protect St. John’s built heritage.
  • I will prioritize getting the City’s first ever Heritage Plan and Downtown Secondary Plan (i.e. community-level plan) done.
  • I will continue to work on Heritage Policy to address issues such as the demolition of old buildings that were not designated.
  • I will focus on reducing emissions in the building sector by working on any necessary changes to development regulations and associated bylaws and policies.


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